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Replace your electric bill, Go Solar!

Ready to take the next step? If you own your home and want solar, we offer zero-down financing so you can save money from day one. 

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Solar generates more power for less creating huge savings. Owning a Home Solar System is now more affordable than ever!


Profit more from your business when you power it with solar.


Never go without power again! We offer many different grid tied and stand alone battery systems. Having a battery pack for back up power is ideal for grid outages and emergencies.

When your gas station is in the garage and powered by solar, the tank stays full at a lower cost!


THE BEST SOLAR SERVICE EXPERTS IN UTAH. If your solar system is not performing correctly we can figure out why. CONTACT US or call 1-608-293-1163 for Service.

Free Monitoring

Free Monitoring and Product warranty service provided for life of the product warranty.

Our Installs

Expert installations with Quality products you will love!

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Federal and State Solar Tax Incentives.

Here are the tax forms, see how much you can save!

Utah State Tax Form TC-40E

Federal Tax Form 5695

Nationally Certified Solar Professional

Contact us to see how much you can save by Going Solar.

Utah Contractors Lic #10382256-5501


20 Year Workmanship Warranty

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